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Expertise centre for Digital Media (EDM), Hasselt University, Belgium

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Demo: Visualizing QUIC and HTTP/3 with qlog and qvis - SIGCOMM'2020


The new QUIC and HTTP/3 protocols are complex to implement, debug and use. To tackle this challenge we have worked on both qlog, a structured endpoint logging format, and qvis, a suite of interactive visualizations. These projects have found widespread uptake in the QUIC community and have been used to identify various high-impact real-world bugs. As we are now extending qlog and qvis to other protocols and think they can be useful for teaching and research as well, we feel the time is right to bring our work to the wider SIGCOMM community. We do this by means of a demo of the qvis tools, showcasing bugs we found in complex areas such as congestion control, stream multiplexing and packetization.


Selection of example traces that will be used in the demo:


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