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Expertise centre for Digital Media (EDM), Hasselt University, Belgium

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Same Standards, Different Decisions: A Study of QUIC and HTTP/3 Implementation Diversity - EPIQ2020


The QUIC and HTTP/3 protocols are quickly maturing together with their implementations, though many of their low-level behaviours are not yet well-understood. To help alleviate this, we empirically compare 15 IETF QUIC/H3 implementations for advanced features like Flow and Congestion Control, 0-RTT, Multiplexing, and Packetization. We find a large heterogeneity between stacks, discuss uncovered bugs and conclude that most implementations are not fully optimized or validated yet. We argue that future work must prioritize rigorous root-cause analysis of observed behaviours, and show this is possible by employing the qlog and qvis tools.





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