qlog and qvis

Expertise centre for Digital Media (EDM), Hasselt University, Belgium

We have been working on tooling for QUIC and HTTP/3 debugging. This takes the form of the qlog logging format and the accompanying qvis toolsuite. This page lists our academic works on the subject.

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Same Standards, Different Decisions: A Study of QUIC and HTTP/3 Implementation Diversity - EPIQ2020

An evaluation of 15 different QUIC and HTTP/3 implementations, looking at features such as Congestion and Flow Control, Packetization, 0-RTT and Multiplexing.

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Debugging QUIC and HTTP/3 with qlog and qvis - ANRW2020

An evaluation of qlog and qvis in the wild, together with examples of encountered bugs and problems

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Demo: Visualizing QUIC and HTTP/3 with qlog and qvis - SIGCOMM2020

A practical demonstration of the qvis toolsuite, using real-world examples.

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Towards QUIC Debuggability - EPIQ2018

The introduction of qlog and qvis. Discussion of the format and general tools.

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